Accepted Papers

A Faster Counting Algorithm for Anonymous Dynamic Networks

Alessia Milani; Miguel A. Mosteiro

A Heap-Based Concurrent Queue with Mutable Keys for Simpler and Faster Parallel Algorithms

Orr Tamir; Adam Morrison; Noam Rinetzky

ActiveMonitor: Asynchronous Monitor Framework for Scalability and Multi-Object Synchronization

Wei-Lun Hung; Himanshu Chauhan; Vijay K. Garg

Analysis of Bounds on Hybrid Vector Clocks

Sorrachai Yingchareonthawornchai; Sandeep S. Kulkarni; Murat Demirbas

Anonymous Obstruction-free (n,k)-Set Agreement with n-k+1 Atomic Read/Write Registers

Zohir Bouzid; Michel Raynal; Pierre Sutra

Approximation of Distances and Shortest Paths in the Broadcast Congest Clique

Stephan Holzer; Nathan Pinsker

Atomic Snapshots from Small Registers

Leqi Zhu; Faith Ellen

Bounds for Blind Rate Adaptation

Seth Gilbert; Calvin Newport; Tonghe Wang

Byzantine Agreement with Median Validity

David Stolz; Roger Wattenhofer

Communicating With Beeps

Artur Czumaj; Peter Davies

Distributed Approximation of k-Service Assignment

Magnús M. Halldórsson; Sven Köhler; Dror Rawitz

Distributed Sparse Cut Approximation

Fabian Kuhn; Anisur R. Molla

Ensuring Average Recovery with Adversarial Scheduler

Jingshu Chen; Mohammad Roohitavaf; Sandeep S. Kulkarni

Generic Proofs of Consensus Numbers for Abstract Data Types

Edward Talmage; Jennifer Welch

Loosely-stabilizing Leader Election on Arbitrary Graphs in Population Protocols without Identifiers nor Random Numbers

Yuichi Sudo; Fukuhito Ooshita; Hirotsugu Kakugawa; Toshimitsu Masuzawa

Making “Fast” Atomic Operations Computationally Tractable

Antonio Fernández Anta; Nicolas Nicolaou; Alexandru Popa

Maximum Matching for Anonymous Trees with Constant Space Per Process

Ajoy K Datta; Lawrence L Larmore; Toshimitsu Masuzawa

Non Trivial Computations in Anonymous Dynamic Networks.

Giuseppe A. Di Luna; Roberto Baldoni

Non-Blocking Doubly-Linked Lists with Good Amortized Complexity

Niloufar Shafiei

Nontrivial and Universal Helping for Wait-Free Queues and Stacks

Hagit Attiya; Armando Castañeda; Danny Hendler

On the Uncontended Complexity of Anonymous Consensus

Claire Capdevielle; Colette Johnen; Petr Kuznetsov; Alessia Milani

Overcoming Obstacles with Ants

Barbara Keller; Tobias Langner; Jara Uitto; Roger Wattenhofer

Poly-Logarithmic Adaptive Algorithms Require Unconditional Primitives

Hagit Attiya; Arie Fouren

QuickLex: A Fast Algorithm for Consistent Global States Enumeration of Distributed Computations

Yen-Jung Chang; Vijay K. Garg

Robust Shared Objects for Non-Volatile Main Memory

Ryan Berryhill; Wojciech Golab; Mahesh Tripunitara

The Cost of Global Broadcast in Dynamic Radio Networks

Mohamad Ahmadi; Abdolhamid Ghodselahi; Fabian Kuhn; Anisur R. Molla

The entropy of a distributed schedule

Joffroy Beauquier; Peva Blanchard; Janna Burman; Rachid Guerraoui

The Relative Power of Composite Loop Agreement Tasks

Vikram Saraph; Maurice Herlihy

The Synchronization Power of Atomic Bitwise Operations

Damien Imbs

Towards establishing monotonic searchability in self-stabilizing data structures

Christian Scheideler; Alexander Setzer; Thim Strothmann

Wait-free Concurrent Graph Objects with Dynamic Traversals

Nikolaos D. Kallimanis; Eleni Kanellou

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